what is left at the end.

detritus, rubbish, debris, remnants, refuse.

holds on. 


stands firm.


After an experience of trauma one is required to rebuild a more secure sense of self. This exhibition investigates how drawing might enable and embody this process of reconstruction.  

“It is an artists body coming into contact with a surface and making a mark.  The drag of pencil on paper, a graphite gesture swept across a surface, the mark of a block of paint stick pressed against a support - these are traces of touch, time-based indications of one’s physical movement across space.” (Rose, White et al. 2011, p.15) 

“… the art is in the duration of making rather than the final result.  It is the living moment that she captures.” (Crawford 2006)

“The house is a bird’s very person: it is its form and its most immediate effort, I shall even say its suffering.  The result is only obtained by the constant repeated pressure of the breast…”  (Bachelard 1969, p.101)